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  • Board Meeting Minutes 5/17/2016

    Attached are the minutes from the May Board Meeting. If anyone has any questions, feel free to talk to any of the board members.

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    Started by elkendall

  • Garmin FR 235 on sale at REI

    I'm sure Brian, Rob I are all kicking ourselves a little for paying full price (or, maybe they didn't), but I don't see Garmins on sale very often...

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    Started by jsfuller

  • Ragnar Great River 2016

    Once again we are putting together at least one team to run Ragnar Great River. The dates are August 12th and 13th. I've already reserved four vans...

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    Started by Robbie

  • Northstar Running Spring Gear Order

    It’s time for the Spring 2016 Northstar Running gear “flash” store! The on-line store will only be open from April 27 through May 15th ....

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    Started by bdavenport

  • TC 1 Mile

    Next Thursday evening, May 12th is the TC 1 Mile. This is a USATF race, so as always, it would be great if we can field a team. We've also usually...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Graphics/Powerpoint

    Anyone here a Powerpoint/graphics expert? I'm specifically looking for someone to create a Northstar Running template in PP for our use.

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    Started by bdavenport

  • TC 10 Mile USATF Regsitration

    Greetings Team Circuit Contacts, Attached are the instructions for Team Circuit athletes to register for the 2016 Medtronic TC 10 Mile, the USATF...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Hit Results Demo Day 5/14

    Hi everybody, Ryan Franz at Hit Results Fitness wants to have a demo day on Saturday, May 14 at noon. This would be a free workout session with the...

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    Started by djschroeder4

  • Vancouver

    Good luck tomorrow to Gerard and Mandy in the Vancouver Marathon. Hope you two have a terrific day. I think this is Mandy's first marathon, enjoy...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Upcoming Races April/May

    I know we have a lot of people running one of the Eau Claire races on 5/1 but I thought you all should know about some other races in the coming...

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    Started by djschroeder4

  • Brian Kraft and Memorial Day BBQ

    Hello everyone, Doug has started a post about Brian Kraft 5K (the race). I also want to let everyone know that Ann and I will be hosting our annual...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Race Calendar

    One of the things we would like to try is to find out where everyone is racing from week to week. The idea is that if runner is looking to race on a...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Northstar = Amazing Runners!!!

    I have heard all sorts of great rumors from winning relay races to first time race finishers and to new PRs. I didn't see anything on the message...

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    Started by dabris69

  • Good luck Eau Claire Racers!

    I hope you run smart and strong--and enjoy your race!

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    Started by Whitney

  • Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon

    I know we have a group of folks running this one. Who are you? Do you want to try and set a meeting place and time for everyone before the race? ...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Get In Gear

    Who do we have running Get in Gear on Saturday? And who will meet us up at the track for a run and cheering? Racers: We will meet in front of the...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Medal engraving

    So I goofed up yesterday an missed out on the opportunity to get my BM medal engraved yesterday. Just wondering if there is anyone locally that...

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    Started by regehr03

  • Schell's Healthy Human Half Marathon v Wausau (Half) Marathon

    I was curious if anyone had ever run either of these 2 races. They are both on 8/20. Schell's is closer (Rochester), but work can bring me to Wausau...

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    Started by megd726

  • Good Luck Weekend Runners!!!

    We've got several people running at races this weekend! Lisa M Anna in the Trail Mix 25K, and Whitney in the Trail Mix 50K, and Cindy Lisa L in...

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    Started by afdavenport

  • Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Volunteers Needed

    Hi There - The Hot Chocolate 15K/5K is coming to Minneapolis on Saturday, April 16 th and we are still looking for volunteer groups! ...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Hot Chocolate 15k

    The Hot Chocolate 15k is this Saturday. Is anyone else signed up???

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    Started by cindyravn

  • Goldy's Run

    Who's running this race on Saturday (I think this is the big one in the Twin Cities this weekend)? Good luck to all of you!

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Calendar Feed

    Just to let you all know, we are changing our calendar feed. We have been using something called TeamUp, but we are changing to using Google...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Forum Look and Feel

    You may notice some differences in the forum. These are not necessarily permanent. I'm working with the websitetoolbox team to resolve some...

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    Started by bdavenport

  • Goldy's run

    I'll be doing (not racing) the 5k tomorrow with my co-worker--her first race ever. So I have two things: 1) Is anyone else doing it so that I know...

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    Started by Whitney

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