The Masters LDR group of USATF has offered a participation recognition award for USATF members over 40 years of age for the past several years. Although there are always a few Minnesota members on the list I assume there are many more who would qualify who simply don't know about the program. If you wouldn't mind forwarding this to the 40 year-old plus members of your team I'd appreciate it.
Masters runners earn points for participating in races of all distances:
1 Mile to 4km = 1 point
5km to 5 mile = 2 points
10km to 15km = 3 points
10 miles to 1/2 marathon = 4 points
25km to marathon = 5 points
longer than a marathon = 6 points
Runners 40-59 can earn a Gold award for accumulating 30 points, a Silver award for 24 points or a Bronze for 12 points. Points needed for 60-79 year-olds are 24, 18, 9 and 80 and older 12, 6, 3.
Runners can apply for the award online and submit a file with race name, race location, race date, link to results web site and number of points for the event. Races must be run in 2016, be in the United States and runners must be current USATF members. Once the stats are reviewed the award is mailed directly to the runner.
Here are the links:
I hope some of your team members will apply for the award.
I applied a couple weeks ago and got a reply that they are processing my award. They process them monthly.
I applied tonight.
Rob Economy