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Wednesday Night Longfellow
Yep, I need 7 total miles, so I'm going to get a mile or two in at 5:30 if anyone wants to join.
Phidippides Award
The Masters LDR group of USATF has offered a participation recognition award for USATF members over 40 years of age for the past several years. Although there are always a few Minnesota members on the list I assume there are many more who would qualify who simply don't know about the program. If you wouldn't mind forwarding this to the 40 year-old plus members of your team I'd appreciate it.
Masters runners earn points for participating in races of all distances:
1 Mile to 4km = 1 point
5km to 5 mile = 2 points
10km to 15km = 3 points
10 miles to 1/2 marathon = 4 points
25km to marathon = 5 points
longer than a marathon = 6 points
Runners 40-59 can earn a Gold award for accumulating 30 points, a Silver award for 24 points or a Bronze for 12 points. Points needed for 60-79 year-olds are 24, 18, 9 and 80 and older 12, 6, 3.
Runners can apply for the award online and submit a file with race name, race location, race date, link to results web site and number of points for the event. Races must be run in 2016, be in the United States and runners must be current USATF members. Once the stats are reviewed the award is mailed directly to the runner.
Here are the links:
I hope some of your team members will apply for the award.
Halloween Monday Run
Hoping for both.
Monster Dash
Is anyone running Monster Dash this weekend?

Half Marathon:

10 Mile:


Thursday Run
I'm looking for 8 miles tomorrow night.  If anyone wants company for a few miles I'd be happy to run with you.  I was thinking of Lake Harriet bandshell, but I probably can't get there until at least 5:30.  I can be somewhat flexible on time and completely flexible on pace.
Wednesday Night - Executive Center
I'll be there for a couple of lakes.  I don't know yet if I'll be able to make it at 5:30 or not until 6:00.
Thursday night run anyone???
I need 7 myself so I'd be happy to join.  I should be completely flexible on time, but would prefer the earlier side if we can.  Maybe 5:00?  If anyone needs it to be a later start though I can do that too.
Wednesday Night Long
I have a workout that I was hoping to do at the track.  I can meet someone at Longfellow and do my warmup down to the track though.  5:30ish should be okay for me.
Tuesday Track
I'll be there.
Monday @ Harriet 10/3
Hoping for both laps.
TCM Runner Roll Call
Bob Day 2:59
George Mutuma 3:05
Matt Schmidt 3:05
Jeffrey Fuller 3:14
Callie Summers 3:30
Jason Halvorson 3:50
Rick Recker 3:50
Sat Jamunar 4:30
Lisa Lindquist

Alex Humble
10 Mile:
Dennis Curran 58:00
Doug Schroeder 1:02
Nathan Branson 1:25
Ellen Kendall 1:34
Jessica Draack 1:35
Mina Ozturk 1:40
Missie Jacobson 1:40
Sarah Krenz
Jason Halvorson
Missie Jacobson

Jason Halvorson
Missie Jacobson
TCM Expo Volunteers
Here's our volunteer schedule:
Friday Oct. 7th Expo
We need some volunteers to be at the expo during the following 1 hour shifts.  The general idea is for you to walk around in some Northstar gear and be visible.  We'd like to have 4 people for each time slot on Fridayand the same on Saturday.  This gives us a great opportunity to be visible and answer questions anytime someone asks you about the club.

4-5 PM
1. Bob D.

5-6 PM
1. Nathan

6-7 PM
1. Nathan

Saturday Oct. 8th Expo
We'll need more volunteers on Saturday to walk around the expo.

10-11 AM

11AM -12PM
1. Paul
2. Pam

1. Rob
2. Jeannie
Anyone running?

Mine depends on what time the jet lag wakes me up, but I'm planning on trying to be there.
Sorry to hear that
Wed PM run (9/14)
Cancel that, I won't be able to make it tonight.
Wed PM run (9/14)
I'm hoping for 5-6 miles, and I can try to make it at 5:30.  Not sure about that time, but I'll try.
TC 10k Waterstop Volunteer opportunity 10/8/2016
jkubes wrote: Are kids welcome? I could ask mine and see if they wanna come?

You'll have to see if Twin Cities in Motion has any age policy for volunteers, but from our perspective, we'd love to have them join us.  They've volunteered with us before and they're great workers! 
TC 10k Waterstop Volunteer opportunity 10/8/2016
elkendall wrote: Bump!

Is 13 where we're at Ellen?  And do we need to fill the 20 spots?
Wednesday Night Nokomis
Did anyone spot a new person looking for us?  Said she showed up, but no one was there.
Wednesday Night Nokomis
We're out tonight, but hopefully someone else will be there Nathan.
CW-X Tights: any users or fans or reco?
Wouldn't ever wear 3/4 length European man-pants, but the full length ones are what I run in all winter long and I love them.  I even have a pair of their compression shorts and love those too!  
Long Run on Sunday
For some of you not racing on Monday, we've got a possible 20 miler if you are marathon training.  I've put together a proposed route that will get us about 17 and there are a couple of places that we can add on the mileage for you to get to 20.  This route also provides some options for those running shorter distances to turn back earlier in the loop.

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