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Tuesday Executive Center
5:30 and 6 for me too [smile]
Halloween Monday Run
5:30 and 6 for me!
Thursday Run
Brian, I can meet you for 1 loop of Harriet at 5:30.  I need to start earlier, so will run to the bandshell from home, do a lap with you and then head home!
Wednesday Night - Executive Center
I'll be there for a 5:30 and a 6:00 loop, no dinner for me, not out anyway!
Lebanon Hills Saturday afternoon
I have a funeral to go to in the morning and won't make the trails at Hyland [frown]

I will be in Eagan and am planning on a run in Lebanon Hills around 1pm, would love some company if anyone else needs to get a run in!
Thursday night run anyone???
5 sounds good, the bandshell?  I'll check back later in case anyone else wants to join.
Thursday night run anyone???
Looking for a couple lakes tonight if anyone wants to join me?  Flexible on time, but 4:45 is the earliest.
Tuesday Night - Executive Center
I'll be there at 5:30, 2 laps for me.
Wednesday night - Executive Center
I'll shoot for 5:30, if anyone else is planning on a loop then.
Tuesday Night Workout
I'll be there! [biggrin]
Monday NIght
I'll be there!  If it's not too windy I might ride there, can I toss my helmet/shoe bag in someone's trunk?
Tuesday Night
I'm coming out!
Northstar Headbands
I want one!
Northstar Headbands
I want one!
Sunday run
I'll be there, but I need to know where too?!
Who's running Sunday, July 3?
I need 2 hours, just wondering who'll be out
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