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12/11/2016 Board Meeting Minutes
I get that too, something is going on. Let me have Brian check when he has time.
Thanks Rob!
12/11/2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Attached are the minutes from the 12/11/2016 Board Meeting. Please contact any board member with questions.

Friday morning schlog
I'll be there!
Wednesday Night, Lake Calhoun
I'm planning on 2 laps - I'll be there at 5:30.
Monday night at the bandshell...
I will be there at 6, not 5:30.
11/6/2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Attached are the minutes from yesterday's board meeting. Please reach out to any board member if you have any questions.

Monday night at the bandshell...
Who's coming out tonight for a run in the dark? I'll be there at 5:30.
Monday night at the bandshell
Looks like it's gonna be a nice night - who's coming out? I'll be there at 6:00.
Longfellow Sunday morning
Please post if you're coming out Sunday. I know we have a lot of people who raced Saturday, some out of town, and some who are feeling under the weather. It will be a game day decision for me.
Surf the Murph Sat Race
Good luck everyone! Can't wait to hear about it [smile]
Monday night at the Bandshell
Who's coming out for a run tonight? I'll be there at 5:30.
Fri 10/14
I'm planning on it
Wednesday night - Executive Center
Who's coming out? There's a chance I'll be there at 5:30, if not, 6:00 for sure.
Monday NIght - Bandshell
See you at 6:00
Living History Farms 11/19
Is anyone up for doing Living History Farms off-road race this year?

Distance ~ 7 miles
Location: Urbandale IA
Date: 11/19 @ 9:00 am

If we get enough interest, we will reserve some hotel rooms and carpool down there.

Post if this is something you'd be interested in doing.
Monday @ Harriet 10/3
One lap for me, see you at 6:00
The Headbands are In!!!
Thanks for taking care of this Rob. They look great!
TCM Expo Volunteers
Ellen Friday 1:00
Me too
Monday NIght
I'll be there.
Friday Schlogg
I'll be there.
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