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Monday @ Harriet 11/14
Hey peeps! Anyone coming out to Harriet tonight? I'll be there at 5:30 for at least one lap, probably 2.
Monday night at the bandshell
Planning on a loop at 5:30 and another at 6!
Monday night at the Bandshell
I'm stuck at work for a while longer, so I'll catch you guys another day this week
Monday night at the Bandshell
I'll be there for at least 1 at 5:30
Weekend Runs - back to 8:00
I'll be out tomorrow!
Calhoun (Bde Maka Ska)-Harriet Trail and Access Improvements Survey
Thanks for posting! It was interesting to see what they are thinking of doing, and I think there are some really good options. We use these trails multiple times a week, so it's nice that we can have a little input.
The Headbands are In!!!
I'll be out Sunday
Team Jackets
Awesome!! Thanks for working on this!
Monday @ Harriet 10/3
Anyone coming out tonight for a nice fall run? I'll be doing 2 laps starting at 5:30
Hats will arrive on Monday!!!
Wahoo! I definitely want one! I'll be out either Mon or Tues, maybe Fri if I can get my butt up that early.
The Headbands are In!!!
Awesome!!!! I'll be there Saturday. Thanks for doing this!
Man that really stinks!
Monday @ Harriet
Anyone coming out tonight for some easy miles? I'll be there at 5:30 for two laps.
City of Lakes Volunteering
Bump! We have two spots left. I know people had mentioned being interested, so be sure to sign up! There are spots for cleanup open. You could sign up for one of those and stop by earlier.
Northstar Headbands
I'd get one!
Wednesday Calhoun 8/31
Beautiful day for a run, Northstars! Who all is coming out to the Exec Center tonight? Hoping for a lap or 2 starting at 6.
City of Lakes Volunteering
This is great guys! Thank you to all the people who have signed up, and it looks like they could still use some help with cleanup from 11-Noon!
City of Lakes Volunteering
Also, be sure to sport your Northstar gear! We want to show everyone what awesome looks like! :-)
Wednesday night at the Exec Center - then Burger Jones...
I can come out at 5:30 for a couple of loops.
St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K -- 08/27/2016
I'm signed up to run, but can easily volunteer instead. Whatever he needs!
Margaritas on the Mississippi
Sounds fun! The 1st of the month is usually a late work day for me, so I'm going to have to pass this time around. Have one for me!
Wednesday Night at the Exec Center
I can't tonight, but I'll commit to the Friday schlog this week. And I've never been to Burger Jones. I'm thinking that needs to change!!
St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K -- 08/27/2016
Sounds fun! I'm in to run, and I can also volunteer if needed. :-)
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