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Monday @ Harriet 11/14
I will be there at 5:30 for some miles.
Wednesday Night, Lake Calhoun
I am looking for one lap tonight.  I can be there at 5:30 or 6:00.
Monday night at the bandshell...
My foot feels good but I am going to wait a few more days. See you Wednesday.
Tuesday Executive Center
I am having a little foot pain. I am taking a few nights off.
Friday Schlog
Roshini and I will be there.
Longfellow - Tuesday Night
I'll be there to run.
Monday night at the bandshell
i hope to be there.
Friday 6 am Buns Run!!
Who is coming out in the morning for a run and some puppy dog tails.  I will be there.
Thursday night run anyone???
If I wasn't in St.Paul I'd join you. I can't get there till closer to 6.  I'll run from home and see you at the Buns run tomorrow morning.
Wednesday Night Long
I can't make it tonight.  I plan to run at Nokomis tomorrow night.
Tuesday Night - Executive Center
I can be there at 6 PM.  I think Roshini will be there at 5:30.

I might be able to do a mile with you Brenner.
Monday night at the Bandshell
to much rain. I am not going to make it by 6. I am just going to head home.
Monday night at the Bandshell
I am going to try to make it tonight from St. Paul.  
Wednesday night - Executive Center
I will try for 6. Coming from St. Paul.
Monday NIght - Bandshell
I am going to skip tonight.

I maybe out tomorrow in the rain.
TC 10K Waterstop Volunteer Info - Saturday, 10/8 - 6:30-10am
good0357 wrote: Can I still show up even if I didn't sign up to volunteer? What time is the race?

Yes, You can show up if you didn't sign up.  That's what I am doing.  I think the first race starts at 7 am.  We start setting up the water stop at 6:30 am.  Some people are getting a short run in at 6 am.

See You Tomorrow.
Friday Schlog
I'll be there. Maybe Roshini too.
Tuesday Track
Last small work out before TCM.

I will be doing 1 min repeats on the track or on the path.

Wednesday NIght-Exec Center
I won't make it out tonight.  See you all Saturday
Tuesday Night Workout
i will be there
Monday NIght
i will be there.  Roshini told me she should be there too.
Wednesday night (9/21) at Nokomis
I can do 3 miles at 6 too. Not sure about dinner.
Tuesday Night
I will be there.
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