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Need Runners and 2 volunteers for Ragnar Great River
We still need a few more runners for Ragnar Great river, we also still need 2 volunteers. If you're interested please let me know ASAP. robskantz@gmail.com

Friday schlog
Ill be there
RAGNAR!!!!!!!!! Updated 5/28
Bump. I need everyone's email address that signed up please contact me ASAP so I can get you all registered. Robskantz@gmail.com
RAGNAR!!!!!!!!! Updated 5/28
Ive updated the original post Please arrange for payment if you haven't already, I'm going to register the team Wednesday.
RAGNAR!!!!!!!!! Updated 5/28

Im bumping this post to the top, If you're interested in running Ragnar or would be willing to help volunteer we would love to have you. Please let me know so we can get the team registered. Our list of runners to date is as follows:

Robbie Pd
Ellen Pd
Gemma Pd
Lisa H
Jessica Pd
Cindy Pd
Kay K Pd
Ann M Pd
Brian Pd

The cost for the Race only is 120. Van rental, Hotel and other various costs will need to be addressed as well but we'll take care of that later. If you are interested please let me know ASAP and get me a check so I can get us registered. I'm planning on getting the first team together as we seem to be in good shape, once we have enough interest in a second team I'll get them registered as well but we'll need to get the checks before I do that. Please post on this thread to make sure I get you counted. I've already reserved 4 vans and three hotel hotel rooms for the event so we should be set for at least the first 2 teams. Please make your checks payable directly to Robbie Skantz and give them to either myself or one of the board members at the next run. Thanks. Robbie

Ragnar Great River 2016
Once again we are putting together at least one team to run Ragnar Great River. The dates are August 12th and 13th. I've already reserved four vans in the event that we are able to fill 2 twelve person teams. Having participated in this run for the past 4 years I can tell you we have a great time. Please post on this topic if you are interested, I'll need to get checks from the participants soon so we can get registered.
Second Harvest Heartland
Hi everyone, we just received word that Second Harvest was able to get us rescheduled for our volunteer opportunity on Tuesday 4/12/16 at 6:00 PM in Golden Valley. Like the original event we have room for 35 people, If I can get a list of people together right away we can secure the spot otherwise we'll have to reschedule for another later time. Please post to this topic if you can make it and I'll get a master list going.

If you aren't able to run but would be willing to volunteer a little bit of your time to cover our volunteer responsibilities we would be very grateful.

Thank you, Robbie

Ellen Kendall
Robbie Skantz
Jeffrey Fuller
Noah Skantz
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