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12/11/2016 Board Meeting Minutes
I must be doing something wrong -- I cannot open the attachment.  It takes me to login information....
Phidippides Award
I applied tonight.
The Headbands are In!!!
Still have a few headbands to be picked up and a few that are not spoken for...
The Headbands are In!!!
Just as an FYI -- I have 10 additional headbands for those that may have missed the original order.
The Headbands are In!!!
Come and get em...

The following people have ordered a headband and can pick them up for the low cost of $10:

  1. Ellen -- Paid
  2. Lisa M. -- Paid
  3. Jeffrey -- Paid
  4. Callie -- Paid
  5. Jon -- Paid 2
  6. Kate -- Paid
  7. Angie -- Paid
  8. Gemma
  9. Ann -- Paid
  10. Rob -- Paid
  11. Jeannie -- Paid
  12. Brenner -- Paid
  13. Jason
  14. Lisa H.
  15. Doug -- Paid

I will be sure to bring them to the run this weekend...
Bear Water
Just a quick headcount -- who is planning to run the Bear Water 10 or 20 mile this Saturday?

10 Mile:

20 Mile:
  • Jeffrey
COL volunteering Sunday morning
Nice job volunteers!
Northstar Headbands
OK, last call for headbands.  I will be looking to place an order on 9/15.
Northstar Headbands
Anyone else?
Northstar Headbands
Was thinking of getting some team headbands made from bondiband, but wanted to judge interest first.

We would get a bondiband headband in the Static Navy and then add the Northstar Logo in green. These are sweat wicking but fairly thin (unisex).

Here is the pattern for the headband:

Snap 2016-09-02 at 14.10.32.png 

The cost will be $10 per headband.

Please let me know if you are interested.

  1. Ellen
  2. Lisa M.
  3. Jeffrey
  4. Callie
  5. Jon
  6. Kate
  7. Angie
  8. Gemma
  9. Ann
  10. Rob
  11. Jeannie
  12. Brenner
  13. Jason
  14. Lisa H.
Victory Labor Day Race(s)
Who's coming out to race, run or cheer?

  • Ellen
  • Anthony
  • Gemma
  • Jeannie
  • Savannah?
  • Roshini?


  • Rob
  • Les
  • Brian
  • Jefffrey
  • Ann
  • Paul
St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K -- 08/27/2016
ahumble wrote: I signed up to run. I'm assuming that this is a hand timed event? Or is it just a "fun run"

Yes, it will be hand timed. Lean's more toward a fun run, but there will be official results.
City of Lakes Volunteering
I will be racing, but will probably help if needed after...
St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K -- 08/27/2016
I will relay your request.  I could also tell you that the address is:

1505 82nd Street, Victoria, MN 55386

St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K -- 08/27/2016
GemRobbins wrote: I'm signed up to run, but can easily volunteer instead. Whatever he needs!

Plan on running -- he needs those too.  [smile]

Sunday Run from Cindy's House
Jeannie and I will be there...
St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K -- 08/27/2016
Quick update -- due to a conflict with a cross country race that I will be coaching at, I will not be at Kyle's race.  He will be skipping the cross country race to continue to be race director.

If you would still like to run and/or volunteer, I know that he would really love to have you come out.

Questions?  Please let me know!
MDRA 15k
MDRA 15k
Who is coming out to participate in the next race in the USATF MN Team Circuit?

MDRA 15k
weds pm at nokomis
Or a bit moist?
St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K -- 08/27/2016
So, my son Kyle is the race director for a small 5k race on 08/27/2016 in Victoria.  This is the first year for the race and it will be fairly low key. Entry is free with an optional donation of $5.

If anyone would like to run (or volunteer), your support would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is the entry information:

St. Victoria's Sunset Fest All Saints 5K

Questions?  Please let me know...
Torchlight USATF
gmutuma2001@gmail.com wrote: I registered but they did not ask for my usatf number. I registered as a usatf runner though. Will I still count?

As long as you were previously associated with Northstar, you should be good to go.
Torchlight Meet Up and Time -- Racers and Cheer Squad
For those racing -- With a race time of 7:30, let's plan on meeting at Loring Park at 6:30 ready to warm-up.


For those cheering -- I am going to suggest that Hennepin and North 1st Street would be a good place to meet.  You can then see the runners as they turn left on 1st and then head over to the River Road and see them again. Meeting time?  I will defer to you all... 

Torchlight USATF
ahumble wrote: I signed up to be your 5th. It is odd that they never asked for the club's name or my USATF number.

As long as you registered for the USATF Minnesota 5K Championship (which was $10 cheaper), then you should be fine...
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