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Wednesday Night, Lake Calhoun
I'm in for 6@6 & 4B4.

(i.e. 10 miles, starting around 5:30).
Tuesday Night - Longfellow
Planning on it. - probably not until 6.
Monday night at the bandshell...
nathan wrote: My foot feels good but I am going to wait a few more days. See you Wednesday.

Good call. My experience with "feet" is that they can be slow-going.
Tuesday Executive Center
I'll be there at one of those times.
Phidippides Award
I applied a couple weeks ago and got a reply that they are processing my award. They process them monthly.
Longfellow Sunday morning
I'm planning on it.
TCM Expo Volunteers
I'll go for some time on Saturday, but have not decided a time, yet. It may be a "game day decision". That day is prime time for me to sleep in before the big race.
UPDATE Oktoberfest Beer Mile Oct. 8th in Excelsior
Your timing is impeccable! First Ragnar, now this. One mile is EXACTLY what my "day-before-marathon" training plan calls for!
Wednesday NIght-Exec Center
not gonna make it. See you this weekend.
Tuesday Night Workout
I got back ok.
Tuesday Night Workout
Planning on it.
Sat 9/24 exec center
I'm planning on it.
Weekend run times...
You're welcome. Say, there's no runs on the weekends beginning in October (1 week away) - FYI.
Weekend run times...
Say, it looks like the run time switches from 7:30am to 8:00am on Sunday. So,
Sat @ 7:30
Sun @ 8:00

If not, please clarify. If so, please confirm - and therefore FYI to everyone else.

TCO VIKINGS 5K October 1st, Anybody else signed up?
I almost signed up. I was trying to talk a friend into his first 5K, but I don't think he's gonna do it.
Wednesday night (9/21) at Nokomis
I'm going to run from home. It's a long way to drive for me to spend only 3 miles together, after stressing in traffic worsened by the rain. See you this weekend. I should be out both days.
Wednesday night (9/21) at Nokomis
Hey everyone,

Who's planning to be out in the rain? I've got 10 miles on my schedule. I can usually get there around 5:30, but not reliably BY 5:30.
Recent Race Results (Since 8/15)- PLEASE READ
SnotRocket wrote: IMWI 12:46:52 (25 min PR)

So, you've actually done that TWICE!  You ARE crazy. [wink]

(I had a friend who used to say, "I'll try anything twice. The first time you're bound to screw it up!" He ran TCM, but I don't know if he ever ran it a second time.)
Northstars Jerseys on the frontpage of Front Runners FB Page
dennic@gmail.com wrote: We should run together more often, Jeff.  But I hate morning long runs.
Here is a link to the video, as it was bumped down a bit.

How about evening, wet runs? (that just doesn't sound good) That's what I'm looking at for Wednesday. I'll start a Wednesday thread.
Northstars Jerseys on the frontpage of Front Runners FB Page
Nice! I'm sad that I can't run with you anymore  .... unless you slow down for me. But I'm happy for your progress!
Recent Race Results (Since 8/15)- PLEASE READ
Bear Water 20
2:30:59 - 3rd AG / 15 OA
Hyland Trail Race 14 Sep Wed - 4 miler
Well, I won't run the race, but I'll come out and watch, and run my miles there.
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